Self-Pay/Co-Pay Receivables Management

This is our Primary Service. We will assist you in setting up a program that promotes not only the prompt payment by your customers (patients), but increase their comfort in a continuing relationship with you. On average providers who's customers are established within this program exceed a 60% payment recovery WITHOUT accessing a collection solution.


At HFMS, we are committed to becoming the preferred source of self-pay and co-pay solutions for the national healthcare industry.

HealthCare Financial Management Services is devoted to the special requirements of the healthcare profession. 100% of the accounts placed with HFMS are from hospitals, physicians or group practices. Our industry-specific training as well as our product/service development is reflective of our expertise and commitment to the healthcare field.

HealthCare Financial Management Services has an established track record of satisfied clientele and consumers and we can apply the same combination of intelligence, diligence and compassion to the management of your self-pay and co-pay accounts receivables.

HealthCare Financial Management Services employs a state-of-the-art, fully automated processing system that not only ensures due diligence on every account regardless of size, but when coupled with a dedicated account representative, ensures the highest possible probability of recovery and consumer satisfaction.

Our rates are contingency-based and negotiable based on anticipated account placement volume


The healthcare industry has some very unique challenges associated with doing business. In fact, it can be said that balancing and managing the needs and responsibilities of any healthcare provider is one the most difficult tasks in any industry. Every time a patient comes through the door, whether it's a well-care visit, or an emergency situation, you as the provider are often placed in the uncomfortable position of balancing your healthcare responsibilities with your fiscal responsibilities. Some situations are easy to determine the course of action, others aren't. Life just isn't that simple.

Every healthcare provider has implemented a 'payment at time of service' policy and nearly all have found that, while fiscally sound, this 'one-size-fits-all' policy is well short of an ideal solution, and when rigidly applied can have some negative and unwanted side-effects. Every healthcare provider we talk to has the exact same concern: How do we give more and better care, to a wider range of people, without increasing our exposure to write-off's, collections, and outright loss?

It is exactly this desire that brought about the programs that HFMS offers today. When our programs are implemented as the 'missing link' in a payment policy, you will find that your customers are happier, your office staff are usually more relaxed, and because your self-pay and co-pay patients are paying their bills, your job just got a little easier.

So ask yourself, if not this proven, cost effective solution, then what? If not now, when?

Our outsourcing programs are proven to reduce cost, increase cash flow and give your patients piece of mind. 

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